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We are a Christian family-owned boutique (Mom & daughters). We opened up 1 year ago and are looking forward to working with others who can help up grow our business and spread God's Love while we do it. We live in a small community and so we are having a hard time getting the word out there. We really want to focus on our online business as one daughter has health issues and needs a kidney/pancreas transplant one day and one daughter who has small children can't be at our store all the time. So, if we can get our online business going to support our local retail shop it would be a God Send! We had to relocate just one year after opening our doors, so we feel like we are starting all over once again. It has been a rough start, and we need to get our sales up to start paying off our debt. Anyone that is willing to collab with us would be a blessing and we will absolutely make it a two-way street where will help you as well in any way we can. Blessings, Abundant Baby Crew

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