All About Jenna

Jenna Gilbert is an accomplished professional with a diverse career journey that reflects her dynamic skills and entrepreneurial spirit. Beginning her career in various Administrative Assistant positions within corporate companies in the Duluth/Superior Area, Jenna made a significant decision to leave the corporate world and focus on raising her children. Her journey took an exciting turn when, inspired by motherhood, she co-founded Abundant Baby when her youngest, Deacon, was just 8 months old.

Jenna's key skills and expertise shine through as the creative force behind Abundant Baby's graphic design, social media content, and website development. She takes pleasure in crafting aesthetically pleasing content that resonates with the brand's vision.

Educationally, Jenna holds an AA Degree in Liberal Arts and Science, showcasing her commitment to a well-rounded education. Additionally, she completed a 3-year Biblical degree, adding depth to her knowledge and perspectives.

Amidst her professional pursuits, Jenna finds joy in a range of interests and hobbies. From relishing the outdoors and vacationing to indulging in shopping, decorating, and doodling, she cherishes moments spent with family and friends.

Beyond the surface, Jenna's resilience and strength become apparent. Having experienced three miscarriages, she is a mother of two beautiful and healthy children, Natalia and Deacon. Jenna is also a Thyroid cancer warrior, diagnosed in February 2023, undergoing a full thyroidectomy in March 2023, followed by radioactive iodine treatment in June 2023. Regular monitoring and medical check-ups are integral as Jenna bravely faces her battle against cancer.

What makes Jenna unique is her love for creativity and photography, a passion that adds a distinctive flair to her personality. Furthermore, her deep-seated passion lies in music and worshiping God, emphasizing the spiritual aspect that fuels her life.

In the realm of volunteer work, Jenna is an active member of Grace Church in Cloquet, contributing her time to Nursery and Awana programs. Her commitment to community and service reflects the values that define Jenna Gilbert's inspiring journey.

Jenna has encountered profound challenges on her journey, grappling with health setbacks including a cancer diagnosis and enduring the heartache of multiple miscarriages. Despite the trials she has faced, she remains steadfast in her faith, finding solace in the boundless love that God showers upon her and her family. In the midst of uncertainty and adversity, Jenna draws strength from the belief that God's love transcends all obstacles, offering comfort and hope in the darkest of times. Through her unwavering trust in God's plan, she continues to navigate life's challenges with resilience and courage, knowing that His love sustains her through every storm.