All About Colleen

Colleen's professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, showcasing her dedication to caring for others. Beginning her career in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and home health aide, Colleen later transitioned into the role of a daycare provider while raising her children. Her commitment to various aspects of caregiving extended to a corporate position in the title industry, specifically within the Land and ROW departments at Enbridge and Trans Canada.

Taking a break from her corporate role, Colleen made the decision to prioritize family by caring for her aging father. In 2021, fueled by a spirit of entrepreneurship, Colleen and her team ventured into the business world, opening a new chapter in her professional journey.

Colleen's key skills lie in effective communication, building meaningful connections with people, and providing assistance to those in need. Her proficiency extends to product research and development, showcasing a well-rounded skill set in both interpersonal and strategic areas.

Despite her modesty regarding notable achievements, awards, or certifications, Colleen's commitment to her family and her compassionate approach to work are commendable milestones in her career. Her educational background includes a high school diploma, and although not mentioned, Colleen's hands-on experience and continuous learning have been valuable contributors to her success.

Beyond her professional life, Colleen's interests include following news and politics, reflecting her engagement with the world around her. A lesser-known aspect of Colleen's life is her background growing up in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan, providing a unique perspective to her story.

Colleen's uniqueness lies in her genuine curiosity about people and their stories. She thrives on getting to know individuals on a personal level, making her approachable and relatable in both personal and professional settings.

Colleen is most passionate about taking care of others, a sentiment that transcends her professional endeavors into her personal life. In her free time, she chooses to dedicate herself to her grandchildren, embodying her commitment to family and community by enriching the lives of those around her.

Colleen holds a steadfast belief that God's omnipotence ensures control over all aspects of life, alleviating any need for worry or anxiety. She finds solace in the conviction that everything unfolds according to a divine plan. Furthermore, Colleen deeply embraces the notion that it is our sacred duty, as instructed by God, to extend care and compassion to others. She sees this as a fundamental aspect of living out her faith, recognizing the interconnectedness of humanity and the call to love one another unconditionally. In her daily actions and interactions, Colleen strives to embody this principle, viewing each opportunity to serve others as an expression of her devotion to God.