Live Sale Events

Live Sale Events

Hello everybody! 

We hope you are having a blessed summer so far. Here in Minnesota our weather has been a little hotter than normal and very very dry. We finally received some much needed rain but still in a drought. We have had a lot of bad smog days due to fires in Canada and in our lovely boundary waters area.

Jenna has been playing around with some live sales this past week or so and we are looking for input from our favorite people. 

What products would you like to see us sell on our live Facebook sales? We carry infant, children, maternity clothing and accessories in our store. Would you be interested in  Womens, Mens, Children, Infant etc.... We can get just about anything you'd like to see us sell on our live Facebook events.


Please send us a message on our Facebook page or through our website....

Thank you and have a wonderful day! 

Colleen, Jenna & Bethany

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